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The Drummer and the Cook

Sea shanty
Arr. Gary Parks
Published: BriLee Music Publishing Co.

Oh there was a little drummer
And he loved a wall-eyed cook.
Yes, he loved her, oh he loved her
Tho’ she had a cock-eyed look.

With her one eye in the pot
And the other up the chimney,
With a bow-wow, wow,
Fa-la the dow-a-didy

When the couple went a-courtin’
For to walk along the shore,
Said the drummer to the cookie,
“You’re the girl that I adore.”


On they went a-courtin’
Near the ships along the pier.
Said the cookie to the drummer,
“An’ I love you too, my dear.”


Sez the drummer to the cookie,
“Will I buy thy wedding ring?”
Sez the cookie to the drummer,
“That would be the very thing!”


When they went to church to say, “I will,”
That’s where this story ends.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Her one eye scared the preacher’s wife,
The other kilt her friends.


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