Audition FAQs

How can I ace the audition?

We don't require a prepared audition.  Our audition agenda consists of

·         Scales

·         sight singing

·         one verse of a familiar piece (usually "My Country Tis of Thee")

·         a group blend exercise

·         an theatrical improvisation exercise (Festival Season only; optional)

How many people are in DeCantus?

We are a 10 to 15 member ensemble, but only 5 perform at any given time (with rare exceptions).

How does DeCantus decide who performs when?

At the Renaissance Festival, two on each of our parts (SSATB) gives us some scheduling flexibility. Since we're double-cast, each person is generally responsible for about half of our performances. During our holiday season, we have three people splitting performances. Each section decides amongst themselves how to best handle their schedule to cover our performances.

Where does DeCantus perform?

The Renaissance Festival is a busy time of year for DeCantus.   It runs for 7 weekends plus Labor Day from mid-August to late September or early October (in 2018 it's 8/18 through 9/30). We do about five shows per day, each day of the festival. Each person usually is responsible for 7-8 days.

During the holiday season, performances locations can vary within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  Performances outside the metro are based on our availability and willingness to road trip.

How often does DeCantus perform?

Performance frequency varies.   Spring and early summer performances are rare as we prepare for the MN Renaissance Festival.   Our holiday season can be very busy, with up to five shows per week and sometimes more, if our schedules allow. These gigs are split among section members.

When and where does DeCantus rehearse?

Rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7:00-9:00/9:30PM throughout much of the year. We rehearse in our homes, so locations vary.

How long has DeCantus been in business?

DeCantus welcomes 2018 as our 19th season.

How do I schedule an audition with DeCantus?

Email your resume to, or call us at 651-771-1631, and we will contact you regarding an audition.

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