A Waste of Good Ale CD cover

Overflowing with pub songs, work songs, tales of lost love, and the occasional vampire, A Waste of Good Ale will keep your musical taste buds satisfied until the last drop... err, song!

  1. Jug of Punch
  2. The Little Beggarman
  3. Twiddles
  4. Seonaidh's Jig
  5. Byker Hill
  6. One Last Drink
  7. Greensleeves
  8. Olde Englishe Folke Songe (The Clean Song)
  9. Maids, When You're Young
10. We May Not Be Vampires (But We're Still Men!)
11. The Goslings
12. Silver Dagger
13. Peggy Gordon
14. Saucy Sailor
15. Blow the Candles Out
16. The Tortoise and the Hare
17. And Then We Get Drunk


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