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O, No John

Text: Traditional
Music: English Folk Song/arr. John D. Miller, Jr.
Published: Theodore Presser Co.

On yonder hill there stands a creature,
Who she is I do not know:
I’ll go ask her hand in marriage,
She must answer yes or no.
O, no John, no.

My father was a Spanish captain
Went to see a month ago;
First he kissed me, then he left me,
Bade me always answer no.
O, no John, no.

O, madam, in your face is beauty,
On your lips red roses grow;
Will you take me for your husband?
Madam answer yes or no.
O, la la la…no.

O, madam since you are so cruel
And that you do scorn me so;
If I may not be your husband,
Madam, will you let me go?
O, no John, no.

O, Hark I hear the church bells ringing,
Will you come and be my wife?
Or dear madam have you settled
To live single all your life?
O, no John, no.

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