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The Girl I Left behind Me

Irish folk tune
Text by Bruce Vantine
Arr. Bruce Vantine
Published: Neil A Kjos Music Company

Oh, I've wandered over land and sea,
I've seen the battles glory;
And I've known both pain and misery,
And lived to tell the story.

But it matters not how far I go,
For my heart will always guide me,
On the road that leads to Dublin town
And the girl I left behind me.

For my love is fair as Shannon's side
And purer than it's water.
Someday I hope she'll be my bride;
She's Ireland's fairest daughter.

Yet now to France he's sailed away;
My letters still remind him,
That he promised ne'er to stay away
From the girl he left behind him.
He's homeward bound.

As he wanders over land and sea,
I pray that he'll not tarry.
How I hope that he'll remember me
And hurry home to marry.

But if he won't soon be homeward bound,
And my letters don't remind him,
Then he'll search in vain in Dublin town
for the girl he left behind him.


But if I return and she has gone
Then my broken heart will find me.
On the shortest road to the very next town
And the girl I left behind me!

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